Baby Noah

April 6, 2008 – what were you doing that day?

To most of us, a specific day doesn’t mean too much.  To my dear friend Jane, it was the day her beautiful baby boy Noah Curtis was born.  She enjoyed all the same highs that every other first time mom feels – but only 2 days later, her life changed again forever.  Noah was rushed to Sick Kids hospital, but nothing could be done, and the world lost this precious little boy.

As I prepare for the birth of my second little one, I realize every day how precious life is.  To honour Noah, I have decided that this year, 10% of all of my portrait session fees will be donated to the Noah Awards.  The endowment fund was set up by Jane’s father soon after Noah died and the fund will eventually be a yearly scholarship.   It is given through Memorial University of Newfoundland (where Jane and her family are from). The Fund, background of the award, and how to donate can all be found here

Here is an excerpt from the website/brochure:

The Noah Awards are:

  • The Noah Scholarship, which is awarded to a medical student, resident, or graduate student in a health related discipline, who is planning a career in a primary healthcare discipline.
  • The Noah Research Award, which is awarded to a researcher in a primary healthcare discipline.
  • The Noah Education Award, which is awarded to an educator in a primary healthcare discipline.

Each award winner must have succeeded through hard work and perseverance, and displayed humility and gentleness of character in approching work and life.

Financing for the Noah Awards is provided through the Noah Curtis Godwin Lloyd Endowment Fund. The fund is dependent on donations from Noah’s family as well as others who want to support primary healthcare and help us remember Baby Noah.

Happy Birthday Baby Noah! 

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Brampton Gets Read for a Marathon

I spent a GREAT afternoon with 4 members of the “Brampton Benders” who need some publicity shots for their upcoming marathon.  The team is working hard to secure and finalize details for a new marathon in the GTA to be held next September (2011) in Brampton.  So, in order to show some of the route…we took a run along the path!  When I have more details, I will post them, but if the day was half as nice as it was for the shot, this is going to be an AMAZING race! 

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What a beautiful and unique location – almost as beautiful and unique as Jo and Micheal.  Married at the Academy of Spherical Arts, Jo and Micheal were surrounded by family and friends, a few on skype, and a lot of pool tables.  A couple that met building homes in Africa – this couple mixed new and old traditions and filled the day with laughter, tears, and a lot of love.  Congratulations to both of you. 

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Kristen and Jeremy

One of the most exciting times an any couples lives is right before their baby comes – for Kristen and Jeremy they are really excited because they are now weeks away from Baby Day!  They don’t even know if it is a boy or a girl (I couldn’t do that!).  Stay tuned for the next installment when we see if we should buy pink or blue! 

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