Meet the Artist

One day Hope’s almost 3-year-old daughter asked Hope to take a picture of her, so Hope pulled out her iPhone and her daughter looked at her, obviously Hope wasn’t getting her daughter’s message – until she said: “No mommy, in the studio, I need a tu-tu!” And the rest is history!

Hope Hanson-Baker is a professional photographer specializing in portrait and special event photography that captures the beauty of her subjects in the whimsical essence of the moment.

“I love photography and I’ve been shooting for as long as I can remember,” she says.  Having mentored with some of the GTA’s top event photographers, Hope decided it was time to pursue her passion for photography and start a business.

“I started out on my own…first focusing on weddings and events and, as my home life changed, began to focus on the smaller ‘big’ moments,” she says.

Her portfolio of work includes: couple and engagement photography, family portraits, maternity and newborn photos, special event photo shoots such as a wedding photography and “cake smash” photo shoots.  While her studio is based in  South Mississauga (Clarkson area), she’s willing to go anywhere in the world to help you capture your life’s moments.

Her soulful photos capture your attention in an instant, striving to create beautiful, artistic, emotionally engaging images in studio or on location. Whether it is the first time a groom sees his bride, the love a new parent feels holding their baby, the giggle before a toddler does something fascinating, every moment in your life deserves to be captured.

Mother to two wonderful little girls and a new puppy, not to mention wife to an exceptionally talented musical man, she maintains a kid-friendly, family-friendly, and pet-friendly approach to photography. Juggling her passion for photography and her passion for her family, Hope strives to find that balance.

Hope is a member of Professional Photographers of Canada.

As her way of paying it forward, Hope also works as a volunteer photographer for Tiny Light Foundation, spending time with people during the most important moments of their lives -weddings, new babies, capturing families as they are. Why not share a studio session with your family and friends?